DATE: 12/11/2017

Back pain is a tremendous drain in today's workforce. At any given time, one-third of women and one-quarter of men suffer from back pain that restricts movement or activity. That's a lot of sore, uncomfortable people! As an employer, how you address employee health and comfort can impact your bottom line. What if you learned that an investment in an ergonomic workstation can have enormous benefits?

How exactly do issues like back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome affect your business? Employees who are hurting tend to be less patient with customers or coworkers. They have more difficulty focusing, leading to a lower and less accurate work output. Employees with back problems or other painful health issues may call off work more frequently, increasing the work load of other employees. Ergonomic workstations can mitigate these situations.

Many muscle, back, or joint problems are the result of repetitive motion or repeated awkward motion that is inherently uncomfortable to one or more joints or tendons. In an office environment, this can happen when desks, chairs, a computer mouse, or other office equipment is not properly aligned with the user. Adjustable ergonomic workstations allow your staff to set up a work space that can be adjusted to their individual body type. This can reduce or even eliminate injuries and stressors that come from repetitive motion or awkward placement of items used repeatedly throughout the work day.

When looking into an ergonomic workstation, consider adjustable desks or tables that allow employees to work seated or standing. Consider modular pieces that allow staffers the freedom to arrange their work space for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Increasing employee comfort with an ergonomic workstation is great for morale and may attract top talent to your business. In the long run, it's sure to pay for itself in increased productivity, fewer call-offs, and decreased employee turnover. To learn more about office furniture upgrades, contact CBI Group today.