DATE: 11/06/2017

You know that when you're running a successful business, every penny counts. That's just one reason affordable office solutions are so important. And one of the best ways to keep an office remodel affordable is to get it right the first time. How?

  • Take a good, long look at your current office setup. Make notes about what works and what doesn't. Do you hate the bundles of cords that seem to explode from every corner? Are your employees tired of staring at cubicle walls?
  • Consider what your dream office would entail. Modular workstations? Height adjustable conference tables and desks? Lowered walls so everyone can see each other — and the windows? Create a wish list of things you want, even the ones that seem impossible.
  • Consult with an office design specialist. It may seem like anyone who works in an office knows how to design one. But the truth is, trying to wing it when selecting office furnishings is a short route to disappointment. An office design specialist doesn't just know all the tricks and tips for designing spectacular and highly functional office layouts. They also know how to get the very best deals. Why? Because finding affordable office solutions is what they do best.
  • Make a plan. Developing affordable office solutions with help from your office planning specialist is the perfect way to achieve the perfect office environment at a price you'll feel great about. You can check out fully rendered 3D layouts of your new office before you buy a thing! Visit the CBI Group showrooms to check out furnishings in person.

Your guide to office planning can walk you through the myriad options for your new layout and help you find affordable office solutions your staff will love. To make an appointment, tour the showroom, or get a quote, use our contact form or phone 210-655-3375.