DATE: 01/03/2017

POSTED IN: Announcements

As any business owner can tell you, every client is different. Whether you’re a designer, a retailer, or something else entirely, you know that each of your clients has their own unique requirements and preferences. Your job is to figure out what those are and ensure their needs are met each and every time. Part of this involves helping clients feel comfortable when they come to your office. For some, this may mean a small, intimate meeting. Others may require a conference room with enough seating for your entire team. How can this be accomplished on a modest budget? With modular conference room furniture, of course!

What is modular conference room furniture? That’s just it—it can be almost anything! Modular furniture includes various pieces that can be assembled and taken apart easily. Conference tables can be enlarged by adding a new piece or broken down into several small desks for smaller meetings or classes. Short walls can be erected between cubicles for privacy or removed to encourage brainstorming and collaboration.

Modular conference room furniture can also save money in both the short and long term. The inherent flexibility of this modular style can save you the expense of a large conference table you may not use much. And if your business changes with the seasons, having adaptable, adjustable furniture gives you and your staff the power to create a custom space that fits any task.

A client entering your space for the first time will feel right at home in the space you’ve engineered just for them. The next client will have no idea they’re stepping into an entirely new layout—made of the same basic pieces of modular conference room furniture.

Whether you’re making a room look bigger, smaller, or just more comfortable to bring people together, modular conference room furniture can save you money while providing a customized, welcoming environment to host clients. Contact CBI Group for more information or to get a quote: INSPIRE@CBI-OFFICE.COM