DATE: 09/11/2017

We all do our best to maintain healthy habits, but when you work in an office, that can be hard to do. Some studies suggest that sit-to-stand work stations or a height adjustable meeting table can help.

It's well established that too much sitting can be devastating to our well-being. While there are other factors to consider, excessive sitting has been linked to:

  • Obesity.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Lower back pain.
  • Knee and joint pain.
  • Shoulder strain.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.

From a business standpoint, poor health isn't just uncomfortable or inconvenient, it's also expensive. Employees in ill health may have lower productivity, make more mistakes, and even miss work altogether. That means the rest of your staff will be working even harder. So, what's the good news? You can help reduce the health risks of too much sitting by investing in a height adjustable meeting table.

A study from UCLA suggests that the best thing an employer can do for their staff is provide an option to sit or stand during the work day. Some tasks are better done seated, like speaking on the phone or doing data entry. Other tasks can be better performed while standing, giving your staff a chance to stretch their legs and change position during the work day.

Standing is known to improve posture, as well as increase the flow of oxygen to all areas of the body. More oxygen leads to better mood, improved concentration, higher and more accurate work output, and increased alertness.

Offering a height adjustable meeting table is one way to show your staff that their health matters to you. Letting them know how much you value them is excellent for office morale.

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