DATE: 03/27/2017

If you ask around in an office setting, the debate between sitting and standing workspaces can get downright heated. Some folks feel sure that they work best while standing. Standing, they say, leads to better circulation, increased alertness, and a more energized attitude throughout office hours. Chair enthusiasts are also a vocal group, sure that absolute comfort is the key to a productive work day. So, who is right? Both are! In fact, that may be the best reason to invest in height adjustable meeting tables for your conference room.

Chances are, your staff is made up of a diverse group of people with varying strengths, skills, and preferences. That’s a great thing. When you have the kind of staff that loves to meet and share ideas and suggestions to improve the way the company works, you should work hard to encourage that. Height adjustable meeting tables offer a convenient and comfortable place for your staffers to meet, whether they prefer to sit or stand.

Height adjustable meeting tables are an excellent choice for quick meetings with just a few people. Getting everyone in and seated at the beginning of a meeting always takes an extra minute or two. With a standing conference or meeting table, the time spent scooting around chairs and bumping into already seated staffers is eliminated. If you have daily or even weekly meetings, that time can really add up!

With so many choices available, it can be tricky to know which height adjustable meeting tables are best for your space. Take some time to consider all the things you’ll be using your new meeting table for. What if it could double as a drafting space, or even a regular work station? Will your staff be using laptops or other devices that need power or data ports?

We suggest a consult with one of CBI Group’s experienced office planners. They can help you select height adjustable meeting tables that are a perfect fit for your staff, your office culture, and even your budget. Contact CBI Group online for a consultation, or for further information.