DATE: 12/30/2016

POSTED IN: Announcements

As a supervisor, you may occasionally find yourself in the position of having to break up an office-cooler conversation. You may not want to, but you know it’s important to have employees working in their assigned areas. Some office polls suggest that socializing with coworkers is the number two distraction in any office setting, while the number one distraction continues to be loud coworkers.

Have you considered that your office layout—and even your choice of workspace furnishings—can reduce distractions and improve productivity? Wouldn’t it be great to increase output while still allowing for occasional breaks for conversation? You can! It all starts with carefully chosen San Antonio or Austin office furniture from CBI Group.

When you visit a CBI Group showroom in San Antonio or Austin, office furniture planning and design options are sure to present themselves. After a consulting session with CBI Group professionals, you’ll no doubt have multiple strategies to consider, any of which can do wonders for employee happiness, productivity, and even retention of staff. You see, when you keep your staff happy, not only does it improve productivity and morale, but it also lowers turnover. That saves you money on finding and training new staff.

Providing quiet places for employees to focus and concentrate eliminates the top two workplace distractions. This is easily accomplished by choosing San Antonio or Austin office furniture that encourages privacy and cuts down on noise. At the same time, providing a collaborative space gives your staff a place where they can take short breaks and interact with each other, offering socialization without encouraging the time-wasting use of social media throughout the work day.

Not sure how to get started? A consultation session with an office design professional is an excellent way to begin. Be sure to make a list of questions and what you hope your new San Antonio or Austin office furniture will accomplish. You can contact CBI Group at (210) 655-3375 to receive a quote or to request further information. You will be amazed at the difference new office furniture can make.