DATE: 04/03/2017

They say that when you fail to plan, you’re really planning to fail. If that sounds fatalistic, think about something as simple as going to the grocery store. Without a list, you’re bound to forget something. But if you make a list without first thinking about what you need, even a long list might not cover everything. Apply this to office space planning and design, and the result is the same.

Planning and designing an office layout doesn’t just involve the current needs of your business. To truly get the most out of an office redesign, you need to know how your business will grow and change in the future. Whether your business is steadily growing, or your customer base is changing, or things fluctuate based on seasons or holidays—it’s crucial for your office space planning and design to adjust for changes. How do you make it happen?

Begin with a consultation. We recommend an experienced office space planning and design professional from CBI Group. They can take a look at your current office space and discuss what works for you, and what you’d like to change.

Next, talk with your consultant about aesthetics, workplace culture, your business as a whole, the needs of your staff, and the budget you hope to stay within. That may sound like a lot to cover, but your consultant can guide you along the way. Surely nobody knows your business better than you do, and pairing your knowledge with the know-how of a CBI Group consultant can help you achieve the best office space planning and design for your unique business.

Your consultant will develop a plan that takes your needs, wants, and space into account. From there, you can discuss your options. Consider taking a trip to the Austin or San Antonio showrooms. There’s really no substitute for seeing furnishings, chairs, tabletops, and modular pieces up close and personal. You might be amazed to see what a difference an office space planning and design professional can make. For more information, estimates, or to arrange a consultation, contact CBI Group online or by phone at 210-655-3375 today.

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