DATE: 09/19/2016

POSTED IN: Announcements

Thinking about modular desk furniture? It’s a choice that can take your office to the future and beyond. If you’re not thinking about modular or custom built desks, maybe you should be.

Myriad Benefits

  • The practical benefits of modular desks, shelves, filing cabinets, and other workspace furniture are well established. Using parts that fit together in many different ways offers every employee an opportunity to set up their workspace in a way that suits them perfectly.
  • Ergonomic concerns can easily be met thanks to the flexible and adjustable nature of modular desk furniture. Custom built desks can even take this concept to the next level.
  • The adaptability of modular desk furniture, or even custom built desks, allows employees to adjust their furniture easily, and change it back just as easily. A desktop can double as a meeting table in the morning, and be back as a desk after lunch.
  • Modular office furniture can make small spaces seem larger while making better use of available space.
  • Adjustable, rearrangeable desk furniture ensures that your office setup will accurately reflect your office culture. Whether you’re very formal or Friday casual, modular desk furniture lets your business acumen shine through.
  • The financial benefits of modular desks may be less apparent but no less impactful, since comfortable employees are more productive. They’re also less likely to take breaks or to call in sick to escape a physically uncomfortable environment.

Collaborative Opportunities

Best of all, when your staff is able to see their fellow staff members throughout the day, opportunities for collaboration increase. That can also increase your bottom line as your employees use an open, comfortable space to brainstorm solutions, exchange ideas, and consider new innovations to make your company even greater.

All that from modular desk furniture? It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But the truth is, the old model of isolating cubicles and uniformity over individual comfort has stifled employee morale and creativity in many sectors. Consider flexible, modern office furniture that helps your staff do what they do best. Custom built desks can pay for themselves in improved productivity, and they can even lower your turnover rate.

Speak to the professionals at CBI Group to find modular desk furniture that meets your needs and your budget. We look forward to hearing from you.