DATE: 02/07/2017

POSTED IN: Office Inspiration

If you’re purchasing modern medical office furniture for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed at the wealth of choices available to you. Despite how it may seem, the enormous variety in office furnishings for doctor’s offices, exam rooms, waiting areas, clinics, dental offices and counseling rooms isn’t meant to intimidate you. Modern medical office furniture has to meet the challenges of doctors and other medical professionals, as well as the diverse group of patients they serve.

Today’s medical office furnishings have to conform to the needs of people of all ages, with many different body types and levels of ability. If it’s your job to help choose office furnishings for a waiting room, check in area, exam room or doctor’s office, you may not know where to begin. That’s okay—we’re here to help. Before you begin your search for appropriate modern medical office furniture, here are a few things to consider:

  • Medical exam tables come in a variety of heights, but their adjustability is limited. Do the doctors in your office prefer to perform examinations while standing, or sitting? This is also a good time to consider exam room stools, as these items work in tandem to keep doctors comfortable as they work.
  • Seating for the waiting area may not seem to fall under the heading of modern medical office furniture, but in truth, a poorly designed or badly furnished waiting area may keep patients from waiting for their appointment, or prevent them from returning for another. Be sure to include some chairs without arm rests so large patients can sit comfortably. Also include enough empty space in your design plan to accommodate wheelchair access. Sofas may accommodate more people than chairs, especially in an office that sees a lot of children.
  • Medical cabinets with attached sinks are a vital modern medical office furniture component. Before purchasing, think about details like size, where the sink should be located, and where the cabinet should go in a room. Not sure how to best proceed? Contact one of CBI Group’s experienced project managers. A project manager can work with you to integrate modern medical office furniture seamlessly into your work environment.
  • Storage of records, test results, medicines and small equipment can all be challenging in a contemporary medical setting. Consider carefully how to best arrange filing cabinets, shelving and other storage furniture so it’s easy for everyone to access and utilize.
  • Modern medical office furniture is different from many other office furnishings. Unlike the multi-tasking furnishings of other offices, medical offices and clinics often buy items that serve only one purpose. In a medical office setting, that’s okay—for example, a special chair just for blood draws makes perfect sense at a testing lab that draws blood all day long.
  • Remember too that cleanliness is a huge factor in any medical environment. General practitioners, dentists, clinicians, even chiropractors are responsible for maintaining sterile spaces in which to conduct exams and procedures. This means keeping porous surfaces to a minimum, and considering fabrics that resist bacteria or can be cleaned thoroughly and often without excessive wear.

The challenges of modern medical office furniture aren’t just about doing a whole lot in a small space. They’re not merely about serving diverse populations as quickly and cleanly as possible. Sure, those things are important—but a medical environment isn’t the same as a clothing store or a flower shop. Patients are not always at their best when they go to a doctor’s office or hospital. Furnishings and layouts need to be practical, welcoming and highly functional for everyone who needs them, and you never know who or why that might be on a given day.

Ideally, the modern medical office furniture you choose should be attractive and highly durable. Everything about modern medical office furniture should connote professionalism, a welcoming environment and calm. Anything your layout and furnishings can do to keep patients comfortable and at ease is one less thing your staff has to worry about.

Once you’ve considered everything on our list, it’s time to talk to a design professional at CBI Group. Contact one today by calling 210-655-3375.