DATE: 05/21/2015

Turnover. It’s perhaps the biggest hurdle faced by any call-center. The average turnover rate in U.S. call centers is 33 percent, according to Cornell University’s Global Call Center Report.

As you know, significant time, energy and resources are involved in the training of every new employee. While many call centers try to circumvent this cumbersome cycle by rewarding employees with raises, bonuses and other prizes throughout the year, it’s often not enough. And though financial recognition is always effective, studies have shown creating a desirable environment can be just as, if not more, beneficial to employee retention. The main problem

Boredom. Burnout. And stress.

“Managers and supervisors should change the workplace environment and job conditions with the passage of time so employees are not getting bored,” according to the Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies. The study emphasized the fact that most call centers require their employees to take anywhere from 40 to 100 calls a day, and that with each passing day the job simply becomes more monotonous.

Besides the prudence of implementing better personality screening processes for potential candidates, the key element emphasized was: Environment. Here are some tips for creating a fun and relaxing environment that encourages employee retention:

1. Choose Workstations That Feel AND Look Good

No one wants to sit at a boring, bland cubicle all day. It’s just a fact. Numerous studies have indicated environment is extremely important to mood and productivity. Though it may seem obvious, it’s worth mentioning –– choose workstation furnishings that are comfortable to sit in and pleasant to look at. Considering that your call center representatives spend as much as 8 hours a day at their workstations, we believe providing high quality workstations is a worthy investment.

2. Optimize Space When Planning Workstations

Not only do you want your employees to feel like they have enough workstation “breathing room” – for answering phones, handling paper administrative tasks and taking the occasional break – you also want them to feel comfortable moving around.

By analyzing the traffic flow trends, you can furnish your office so that employees can get to where they need to go (ie. the bathroom, the break room) more quickly and easily. Though it may seem small, little, inconvenient trips can create major grievances over time.

3. Create a Fun BreakroomNotice, we said “fun.” Besides providing the basic coffee pot, couches and magazines, consider adding creative touches that encourage employee socialization and engagement.

A recent Gallup survey found that employees with a best friend at work tend to be more focused, more passionate and more loyal to their organizations, as reported by They were also found to get sick less often, change jobs less frequently and have more satisfied customers. Translation: Create a modern, energizing environment designed with socialization in mind. Want more specific advice on how to implement these tips in your call center? Contact us today