DATE: 11/23/2017

Have you ever considered investing in an open space office plan? After all, they are more popular than ever. Why? Let's take a look:

  • Money Saved. Open space office plans require less space to set up and fewer individual pieces of furniture. Cubicle walls, for example, can add up to a big investment, depending on the size of your staff. Open planning means fewer walls, fewer separate desks, and a chance to maximize your space.
  • Collaboration. Employees who have occasion to interact during the day are more likely to engage in problem solving and brainstorming solutions to common office- or business-related issues. Your staffers all have different experience and skill sets. By letting them share ideas throughout the work day, everyone benefits.
  • Atmosphere. An open space office plan is the best way to ensure good air circulation, light, and temperature fluctuations around the office. This provides a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere that ultimately improves productivity by lifting mood and increasing concentration.
  • Morale. Open office space plans can help your staff feel like they're more of a team, working together for a simple goal. Whether that's filling orders, troubleshooting with customers, or something else entirely, being able to see and talk with the rest of the team is great for your staff. It may also improve accountability and communication between employees and departments.
  • Beauty. Even if aesthetics isn't the focus of your open office space plan, it can't be denied that open floor plans look modern, sleek, spacious, and comfortable. That's wonderful news for customers and clients alike.

Now that you know all about how an open space office plan can impact your staff and business, you may have questions about how to get started. The office design specialists at CBI Group would love to help devise a design plan for your business. To get a quote, make an appointment, or find out more, contact CBI Group today.