DATE: 10/27/2016

POSTED IN: Announcements

As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Each time a potential client or customer steps into your building for the first time, they’ll have conscious and subconscious reactions to every aspect of it. Are there comfortable chairs? Are there floors so shiny they look dangerously slick? Is the reception area dark, narrow, or otherwise unwelcoming? The best office reception areas are comfortable and inviting while retaining a business-like atmosphere. Never underestimate the importance of office furniture selection as you design an effective space to welcome your clients.

What else should be considered when designing the best office reception areas?

• Color. Color impacts mood more than many of us realize. Greens and blues encourage comfort and relaxation. Yellows, oranges, and reds conjure thoughts of urgency. They can also make people feel stressed, and nobody wants that. Consider what colors best represent your business and the feeling you want to inspire in visitors entering your reception space for the first time.

• Comfort. The best office reception areas have comfortable furniture that creates a professional atmosphere. Big, soft sofas may be ideal for a nap, but clients don’t want to sink into a couch right before an important business meeting. Comfort also includes having adequate lighting and good air circulation.

• Style. If you’re concerned about budget, style may seem like an acceptable area to disregard. After all, your business stands on its own merits, right? It does. But when a client comes to see you for the first time, they don’t know that yet. The importance of office furniture that’s stylish and aligned with your business aesthetic should be a key factor in your design concept.

The best way to proceed may be to list all these factors and any more that seem important to you. Take this list and use it to discuss the importance of office furniture choices with a professional consultant. Design consultants at CBI Group would love to discuss your company culture, goals, and budget to help you design the best office reception areas for your business.

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