DATE: 11/23/2018

Selecting the best office furniture can be a daunting task, especially with the variety of materials, finishes, and options for office furniture available. Modular office furniture is growing in popularity — but what is it, exactly?

Modular office furniture contains many features attractive for both existing and new office spaces. We’ll discuss why it’s so trendy in today’s modern world and why it complements so many office designs so well.

Our office furniture showroom at CBI Group contains a wide selection of modular office furniture options. Before you stop by, browse our categories and see which furniture fits your office space best.

What Is Modular Office Furniture?

Modular office furniture describes furniture that can be easily moved around and changed according to an office’s needs. Most parts of the furniture are interchangeable and can be added to existing places to create a customized office space.

At CBI Group, our modular office furniture options include workstations, office desks, conference tables, and storage solutions. Each model is easy to install and can effortlessly complement an existing office space, providing a modern, upscale look to an office environment.

There are countless benefits to making the transition to modular office furniture for both large and small office spaces.

Space Saver for Any Office Space

Traditional office furniture tends to be large, bulky, and difficult to move around. Modular office furniture is made with minimalist design in mind and takes up less space than traditional office furniture.

This makes modular office furniture ideal for both small office spaces and growing office spaces, since it’s simple to add on additional features and desks to each piece of furniture. Because each workstation is adaptable, there is plenty of room for modular office storage options and hutches to provide enhanced storage options for employees.

Environmentally-Friendly Office Furniture

Because modular office furniture uses less building material, it’s a great environmentally-friendly option for office spaces. The installation process also utilizes fewer tools and creates less dust, which means less waste to get rid of.

CBI Group provides installation services with all modular office furniture, but each model is also simple to install yourself or maneuver to fit your office space. If you’re looking to turn your office space green, modular office furniture is the way to go.

Comfortable Office Furniture That Looks Good

Modular office furniture is designed with employee comfort in mind, in addition to its environmentally-friendly features and highly modifiable options.

CBI Group also offers a variety of height-adjustable modular furniture, the latest trend in office design. To increase productivity in the workspace, it’s important to create opportunities for movement and incorporate stand-to-sit desks.

Our inventory of height-adjustable workstations fit the bill perfectly, and most come with easy electronic controls.

Modular office furniture is not just limited to standalone desks. We offer a selection of modular cubicle workstations as well. Design yours with our numerous hutches and vanity dividers to provide an upscale look to the traditional cubicle design.

Our dividers provide the privacy of cubicles with extra features such as dry erase boards, chalkboard dividers, and additional storage options built in.

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So, what is modular office furniture? It’s a great design for existing office spaces looking to utilize their space best or revamp a dated look — or for new offices with a modern design in mind.

Our specialists at CBI Group are available to walk you through our wide selection of modular office furniture and help you select what’s best for your office. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.