DATE: 01/17/2017

POSTED IN: Announcements

When you look around your current office layout, what do you see? Do you see rows of employees in cubicles, separated by walls? What about a stack of filing cabinets that’s even taller than your tallest employee? If so, it’s probably time for a more modern office space design.

Modernizing your employees’ workspace isn’t just about following trends or appearing high tech. Sure, a polished appearance is a vital part of bringing in new clients and the very best applicants. But your office is about far more than just appearance. Increasing the convenience, versatility, and functionality of your office layout can ultimately impact your bottom line.

As you know, your staff is one of your company’s most important assets. This is true whether they’re customer service representatives, managers, or janitors. Your staff wants to be appreciated, respected, and heard. They have insightful ideas that can improve efficiency, streamline aspects of the job, or improve customer satisfaction.

The trouble is, you may never hear their thoughts if your team isn’t encouraged to share ideas with you or with each other. Updating with a modern office space design that encourages collaboration and brainstorming can increase worker confidence and satisfaction. How can this be done?

• Provide a comfortable yet professional space for your staff to congregate. Think more formal than a break room, but relaxed enough to foster a free exchange of ideas.

• Encourage employees to share their thoughts on how work is going and how it can be improved. This is best done with meetings in a space designed specifically for collaboration. A white board can be used to keep track of everyone’s ideas so they can be implemented later.

• Lowering cubicle walls—or getting rid of them altogether—lets your staff see each other throughout the day. This can lead to helpful suggestions or collaborations in dealing with difficult clients or tricky tasks.

No matter what methods you choose to encourage collaboration between coworkers, utilizing a modern office space design is an excellent start. Contact CBI Group for more information on collaborative work spaces and designing a modern office space at (210) 655-3375 or by email at