DATE: 11/30/2017

Selecting new office lobby furniture can be tricky, especially if you've never done it before. Your choices will impact how established clients see your company growing, as well as affect the impression of any new client who enters your space. With that in mind, the furnishings you choose for your lobby will have a big influence on the rest of your business. What should you consider before you begin?

  • Comfort. Your business is likely to attract customers of all shapes and sizes. If your lobby includes a waiting area, there might even be children there on occasion. Bring in end tables to put out magazines or give guests a place to set their bags or coats. When guests feel welcome, they don't mind waiting. Having uncomfortable chairs might mean customers who complain about having to wait at all.
  • Style. The lobby is the first part of your business or facility that customers and perspective staff will see. Your lobby should, of course, look clean and professional. It should also reflect the tenor and style of your business. A hospital, clinic, or dental waiting room might use cool colors and subtle patterns so guests feel calm and relaxed. A music company might use bright furnishings with fun angles to denote boldness and flair.
  • Function. Office lobby furniture should work well for you and everyone who'll use it. Ensure that the seating you select will work for a wide range of body types, from short to tall and from thin to stout. Ensure that your office lobby furniture can be arranged with plenty of space for those with mobility devices like wheelchairs or walkers. Take care to include a chair or two that kids can sit in comfortably. Their parents will thank you.

The best way to select office lobby furniture that works for your business may be to get some help. The design specialists at CBI Group are well-versed in a wide array of lobby furnishings, from chairs and sofas to tables, shelves, and anything else that will make your waiting area welcoming. Contact CBI Group today to arrange a consultation or have your questions answered.