DATE: 06/15/2017

Thinking about collaborative office environments? It's hard not to think about something everyone is talking about. Developing a shared workspace that can be used by partners or small groups is a great way to encourage collaboration and partnership among the members of your team.

Why is a collaborative office environment more desirable than ever?

  • Laptops and tablets have overtaken desktop computers by a significant margin. Many employers have found that staffers would prefer to get up or interact with coworkers during their shift, if only to break up the monotony of hours spent at a desk.
  • Offices tend to be more casual than they have in the past. Business casual attire lends itself well to unofficial meetings, impromptu brainstorming sessions, or a quick gathering to get input on an issue.
  • Businesses have learned in recent years that every employee has something of value to offer. Getting employees together to discuss ways to improve and develop the business or your internal processes can lead to money and timesaving solutions.
  • Collaborative office environments are great for team building and morale!

Now that you know how valuable collaborative office environments are, how do you get one?

  • Set up a meeting area with comfortable seating. A circle or half-circle is a fun way to encourage interaction between the members of your staff.
  • Use low cubicle walls that allow your employees to see each other to ask questions, share ideas, or just provide an encouraging smile or nod. Never underestimate the value of keeping your staff in a good mood!
  • When setting up your floor plan, be sure to leave room for open walkways so no one feels cramped.

If the prospect of setting up your own collaborative office environment seems daunting, don’t worry! Help is available from the office design professionals at CBI Group. Office design specialists want to know all there is to know about your business, your staff, and your goals for the future. They can design unique, individualized collaborative office environments that meet your specific needs, all while staying in budget. Contact CBI Group today to set up a consultation or get a quote