DATE: 11/17/2016

POSTED IN: Announcements

We’ve all seen at least one movie that depicts office environments as boring, repetitive, and even dreary. One aspect these unflattering office movie sets usually include is the cubicle—more specifically, rows and rows of cubicles. Nobody wants to work within a sea of confining boxes that close employees off from one another. While cubicles began as a space-saving way to ensure private work stayed private, these days, cubicles have become a universal symbol for a lack of individuality and an unhappy workplace.

You know though, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re looking for office furniture, Texas CBI Group showrooms offer a plethora of exciting and innovative office furniture design ideas. These can complement your business while helping it function even better.

What comes after cubicles?

Most businesses don’t have the space or means to provide every employee with their own office. In some ways, that’s a good thing. Providing modular furniture that can be adjusted easily is a practical way to create a collaborative space that’s more open and engaging than a row of cubicles. Brainstorming and problem solving are best achieved when everyone works together in a comfortable, inviting space.

Going modular?

Modular office furniture design ideas can even incorporate adjustable standing desks, work surfaces that convert into conference tables when needed, and reception seating that doubles as a gathering space for employees to find solutions for every challenge your business faces. Once you’ve determined the goals of your new office setup, your office furniture design ideas can be discussed with a designer from CBI Group—the experts in office furniture. Texas CBI Group showrooms are located in San Antonio and Austin, so you can browse, touch, and try out the items you’re considering.

Do I really need a design consultant?

Short answer? Yes. An office design consultant can take your best office furniture design ideas and turn them into a reality. They’re experts at working within a budget, maintaining your existing corporate culture, and finding solutions to your most vexing concerns—all while putting your style on display. Whether your focus is on impressing clients, attracting the best applicants, or just procuring the finest office furniture Texas has to offer, the design consultants at CBI Group should be your first call. For more information or to arrange a consult about potential office environments, email or contact us through our website.