DATE: 12/12/2014

Having a small office space should not to limit your options for office design. Many companies are working in smaller spaces to save on overhead, yet have found creative ways to make the most of every square foot of their office, even making it appear larger. At CBI Group, we have worked with many businesses to find effective office designs that transform a small space into a productive work environment. All it takes is the right furniture, design and a little thinking outside the box.

Creating Effective Small Office Design Solutions

It is not the size of the office space, but the way you fill that space that matters. Bulky furniture and poorly designed layout of an office can waste space and even make it seem smaller. When working with a condensed area, it is important to devise a plan to use the space as effectively as possible. A large part of this plan is the type of office furniture you use, as well as the layout of your office.

We start by getting to know your business and what you need your office space to accomplish. This includes the dimensions of the office, how many employees you have, what type of work they perform and whether they work collaboratively, or as individuals. This information is then used to create a layout and design that will accommodate both the space and the productivity results you need for your business.

Office Furniture for Small Spaces

Depending on the information that is gathered during the design and office layout step, there are several different choices of office furniture that we may recommend. Every company is different, so each office space needs to be designed to meet their unique needs. Some of the components that are common in space offices include:

  • Open plan workstations. This is an excellent solution for offices that has collaborative teams that need to work together. These can include the 120-degree workstations that are very popular for multiple screen computers.
  • Bench desking. Bench desking systems make the most of a small space while providing as many workstations as possible.
  • Modular systems. For offices that need privacy for individual desks, a modular system with a modern design is an effective solution.
  • Space-saving storage furniture. Smart use of space for files and storage is crucial for small offices. Wall mounted and vertical storage are some available options.

Some offices may incorporate just one type of office furniture or desk system, while others may need a combination of several. It all depends on your team and what will make the most sense for your company.

Do not let a small office space hold you back from creating the work environment your team needs to be productive. Let our office design experts at CBI Group work with you to create the best office in the space you have, with all the tools your team needs to succeed.