DATE: 04/25/2017

Setting up a new office can seem like a formidable task. Every office has its challenges—small spaces, lack of windows, or even the shape of the room can lead you to wonder how you’re ever going to make your space as professional and functional as it needs to be. The solution? We suggest getting to know the ins and outs of custom modular office furniture.

The idea of custom modular office furniture may sound pretty fancy, maybe even prohibitively so. The truth is that by using desks, tables, shelving, and storage pieces in a new way, you can set up an office that’s perfect for your everyday tasks. Better still, custom modular office furniture can change as you, your business, and your job responsibilities shift. But how?

Let’s consider two small desks that fit comfortably into your budget. Maybe neither is large enough for your needs, but that’s okay. Both desks together can form one fantastic L-shaped desk, or even one that fits into a corner! Need to collaborate with a coworker for a day? Those desks can be split in two so everyone has a place to work.

Need shelving for plants? What if it can also double as a filing cabinet, printer station, or a mini recycling center for your whole staff? With custom modular office furniture, everything is designed and assembled to your precise specifications.

Want to get rid of high cubical walls while still offering your staff privacy to handle sensitive documents? With custom modular office furniture, you can! Providing your staff with a personalized space perfectly suited to their daily needs helps everyone feel valued and appreciated. That high morale will translate into employees that work smarter, are more flexible, and may even lead to increased work output. Maybe the question shouldn’t be “Can we afford custom modular office furniture,” but rather, “Can we afford to be without it?”

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