DATE: 10/13/2015

Marketing is important – it’s the linchpin that brings new customers in the door and reminds old ones you’re still around.

Without marketing there’d be no business. It may seem obvious, but people won’t give you their business if they can’t find you. Most business owners do seem to recognize this, as they allocate 12 percent of their budgets to the endeavor, on average. But what many fail to recognize is that putting themselves within their target market’s field of vision isn’t enough. Translation: You’ve got to stand out.

According to the 2014 State of B2B Procurement study, 94 percent of business buyers do some form of online research before making a purchase. And as many as 89 percent of consumers use search engines to make decisions, according to communications agency Fleishman-Hillard.

While this obviously indicates the need for a solid Web marketing strategy, it also hints at an opportunity for something else –– the chance to give prospects a glimpse into your world. Despite all of today’s technological advancements, one thing hasn’t changed: People still want to do business with people they know, like and trust.

Trust is built by verbally + visually communicating a consistent brand message throughout every “touch point.” Yes, your customers will find you through an advertisement, a search engine or word of mouth. But the image you convey will help determine whether or not they stay.

And one of the most overlooked opportunities we’ve identified for garnering staying power is giving prospects an “inside look” at your company’s environment. And that all begins with your corporate office furniture.

Take marketing consultant Raymond Roy, for example. Roy recently wrote about coordinating an exhibit space for Infusionsoft at the 2nd Annual Market New York trade show here.

“I knew the trade show would have hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees, so I had to create an experience to catch the attention of people as they were walking by,” Roy said. “In just a few seconds, attendees would decide to stop by our booth – or not.”

In an effort to stand-out, Roy ditched the typical exhibit set-up in favor of some beautiful, modern office furnishings that accurately depicted the Infusionsoft brand. The results? Tons of conversations with potential buyers who all commented on how snazzy the booth was. The lesson?

You can do the exact same thing in your office and on your company Website (ie. featuring high-resolution photos of your office environment).
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