DATE: 02/26/2018

If you've ever worked in an office with rows and rows of cubicles, you already know that it can feel demoralizing, even lonely. Being literally boxed in a tiny space may give some employees the privacy and security they crave. But if you're a people-person, feeling walled off from the rest of your coworkers can feel like torture. Good communication is at the heart of every business relationship. And few things foster good communication like collaborative office solutions. It's well established that employee interaction is good for business. How?

  • Employees are often energized and motivated after taking a short break to share ideas or a laugh with coworkers.
  • A hint of levity and flexibility can pay off big in employee satisfaction, focus, and the ideas they bring to the table.
  • Everyone on your staff contributes their own unique skills and experience to the company. When these varied histories pool their talent, your business reaps the benefits.
  • Collaborative office solutions that include flexible spaces for casual meetups demonstrate a commitment to results over decorum and modern innovation over tradition.

Sharing office space with another company or industry? The best way to create a workspace that works for everyone is to consult with an office design and planning specialist. They can work with you to create and implement collaborative office solutions that put your company a cut above.

When you've got to please a wide variety of staffers and their changing tasks, it makes sense to invest in furnishings that change with the times. Modular desks and tables offer flexibility and convenience. Tables can be pushed together for training, collaboration, interviews, or presentations. L-shaped desks may come apart into smaller desks or tables the perfect size for a laptop.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the collaborative office solutions available to you is to discuss them with an office design and planning specialist. Make an appointment by calling CBI Group at 210-655-3375 or using our contact form.