DATE: 05/08/2017

The cubicle is on its way out for good reason. Few things are as drab and dehumanizing as finding your place amid rows of identical boxes. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Modern office furnishings can be as bold and vibrant as your business is. You can encourage your employees to spend more time working together with collaborative office desks. Not familiar with collaborative office desks? These are desks, tables, or workstations that allow your staffers to see each other, exchange ideas, and brainstorm whenever the mood strikes.

You know your employees have good ideas. Your staff no doubt has suggestions on client or customer outreach, improving productivity and morale, helping streamline the processes you use every day, and even finding ways to cut costs. Still, these are just ideas and need some coaxing to become realities. When your staff works in collaborative office desks all day, you’re providing opportunities for those ideas to be passed around, improved upon, and developed into a plan of action that ultimately helps your business thrive. What makes for good collaborative office desks?

  • Low or no cubical walls separating one employee from another.
  • Chairs that face other employees encourage brainstorming and problem solving throughout the work day.
  • Sharing desk space allows for fewer accessories and a cleaner appearance.
  • Modular desks can be pushed together or moved apart as needs and responsibilities change.
  • Some collaborative office desks even have dry-erase tops so note-taking and visual aids are always readily available.
  • Many collaborative office desks include modular components so they can be arranged into square or rectangular tables, circular group tables, or individual desks for when it’s time to work solo.

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