DATE: 05/21/2015

We all know choosing the right office desk is important. What we might not realize is just how important – the average office worker spends 5 years sitting at his, or her, desk over a lifetime.

That's more time spent than eating, cleaning or driving! Needless to say, taking the time to choose “the right desk” is a wise investment. With more styles, finishes and price ranges than ever before, today's choices are seemingly endless.

But, as the saying goes, "More isn't always better." The best way to avoid option overload? Pare your selection down to the desks that really matter; the ones that will help you and your employees meet your goals. You can begin the selection process by conducting the following 3-step information audit:

Step 1: Answer the following questions, as related to whom will be using the desk:

  • How much storage does this person actually need?

(ie. What items *need* to be on-hand and what items could be stored elsewhere in the office)

  • How much privacy does this person need?

(ie. Are they involved in confidential work? Do they need plenty of solitude to solve complex problems)

  • How much desk space does his/her workflow require?
  • Will he/she be meeting customers or clients at the desk?

(ie. Do we need to make a visual statement?)

  • How much space does he/she need to be physically comfortable?

Step 2: Decide what type of style is best suited for your brand (modern v. traditional)

Step 3: Determine what you're willing and able to spend.

Once you've completed the above information audit, you're ready to begin browsing!

Here are our 5 Most Popular San Antonio Office Desk Options to get you started:

1. Laminate Casegood Private Office Desks

Our laminate casewood desks are best suited for modern office spaces and/or those wanting a more transitional look. They feature clean lines, cable management, durable materials and multiple size/storage configurations. But they don’t just look great – they’re also easy to clean! Like most of our products, the casegood desks come with a lifetime warranty.

2. Modern private office desks

Our modern private office desks are most definitely crafted with progressive businesses in mind – featuring clean lines, integrated technology features (power & data) and multiple sizing options. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice practicality for a sleek appearance. All of our modern office desks are made of durable, easy-to-clean materials. They also come with multiple storage options and a lifetime warranty.

3. Wood veneer executive private office desks

Enjoy the look and feel of real wood without the weight – our wood veneer desks are a favorite among our executive clients seeking a more distinguished look. They feature multiple sizing/storage options, cable management and an easy-to-clean exterior. All come with a lifetime warranty and are proudly handmade in the USA.

4. Adjustable height desks

In recent years, much has been said about the health benefits of “standing desks.” Yet, despite the positive press, many office workers have understandably been hesitant to commit to something so different than what they are used to. Electric adjustable height desks offer the best of both worlds, allowing one to sit or stand as desired. Besides being modern in look and feel, these desks feature integrated technology features, multiple size/storage configurations and lifetime warranties.

5. Multi height desks

Similar to our adjustable height desks, our multi-height desks allow office-workers to enjoy the benefits of standing. These desks feature stylish, clean lines; integrated technology features and an easy-to-clean surface area. They also come with a lifetime warranty.