DATE: 02/18/2016

Welcome to Our New Name & Logo

Here is a Brief on How It Was Born

Our economy is ever closing in on a ‘full employment’ status, this means that the majority of people that want a job, have one. It also means that great talent is not looking for employment, that talent is already employed, and is likely being actively hunted by competitors and recruiters. In 2015, recruiting was identified as one of the top 3 pain points for business leaders - and statistics show this is only going to become more challenging.

As any business leader will tell you, one of the driving forces of their recruiting efforts to attract and retain great talent is culture. Surveys show that compensation still sits at the top of the totem pole for job satisfaction, but at a close second is company culture. While it is difficult to define culture in one or two words; at a high level, it can be summarized as the ‘attitude’ or ‘the feeling’ you get when you walk into an organization.

The aesthetic look and feel of our workspaces contributes to and defines a company’s culture much more than we may realize. Flexibility, creativity and inspiration are key elements that need to be integrated into the workspace to define and enhance its culture and leverage that as a tool for attracting and retaining great talent.

We carefully analyzed our process and reached out to our clients to learn from their stand point what makes us unique, innovative and a great company to partner with. One constant our clients came back to us with was that we truly took the time to understand their culture – learning their pain points, their story, asking who they are today and who they want to be, and only then we proposed solutions that aligned with helping them address their key challenges and achieve their goals. As they put it, we are disruptors in the marketplace, putting culture first. And thus Culture Based Interiors was born!

What are you doing to retain your talent?

At Culture Based Interiors we can add value to your organization by helping you create a workspace that brings your vision to life, inspires high performance productivity, and helps you attract and retain great talent.

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