DATE: 09/10/2015

One of the greatest parts of what we do is that we’re continually exposed to a wide range of fascinating industries. Because, with few exceptions, every business needs office furniture. One of our most unusual clients to date was Legend Rubber Inc.

Legend Rubber produces high-quality rubber matting for the U.S. fleet and dairy industries. Their goal is to provide farmers with innovative products that allow them to do their jobs safely, comfortably and efficiently.

When the company approached us in, they had exploded from a one-man startup to a growing team producing significant amounts of revenue in a ridiculously short period of time. But one thing was clear: Besides being too small a space, the office’s atmosphere was simply not conveying the image Legend Rubber needed to attract key stakeholders, mainly “big name” clients and top-quality talent.

Essentially, the owner was tackling the challenging question many entrepreneurs find themselves wrestling with, in response to sudden success – how do we continue to grow without overspending?

The Questions

Like any project, Legend Rubber had a variety of questions and concerns:

  • Should we create an open office space, private offices or some sort of mixture? Is that last one even possible?!
  • How can we create a workspace that promotes collaboration and accountability without having a noise issue?
  • Is it possible to create a feeling that aligns with our overall brand aesthetic without breaking the bank?
  • How can we ensure we’re creating a workspace that encourages maximum productivity?
  • How can we make sure we’re choosing furnishings our employees will actually like?

As often goes, the company turned to the recommendations of trusted friends and colleagues. After tapping into their network of businesses who’d undergone similar transitions, Legend Rubber was told to consult with CBI.

After assessing multiple other suppliers, viewing a personalized design concept and considering our 20+ years of industry experience, Legend Rubber determined us to be the clear choice for executing their project on time, on vision and on budget.

Our Solution: A Combination Workspace

After studying Legend Rubber’s workflow, it was obvious the company would benefit from a customized plan, consisting of a primary open office space that seamlessly transitions to more private managerial extensions.

It’s no secret that here at CBI we’re big fans of the collaborative workspace! When executed correctly, open offices increase accountability, facilitate faster response times and encourage quieter + more cooperative atmospheres. We’ve seen it time and time again.

More than three-quarters of U.S. companies were projected to have moved to collaborative workspaces by 2015, according to Teknion Corp.’s Workplace of the Future Survey. Some of these companies have likely had successful transitions, while others have not. The deciding factor? Preparing employees for the change in advance, maintaining a large variety of options for them and putting things together in a way that works for the unique business at hand.

Despite the fact that Legend Rubber’s executives indubitably needed more secluded spaces to complete “information sensitive” projects, they also indicated a strong desire to be integrated as part of the team. To facilitate this, we situated executive workstations with enhanced privacy features out on the main floor. We further orchestrated a modern open workspace; a casual meeting area; a formal meeting area; and of course, a fun and hip breakroom for employees to lounge in.

Throughout the process, we continually referred back to Legend Rubber’s brand guidelines, which included primary colors of red, black and gray. The final result? A light and colorful space that complimented the company’s youthful image. In an effort to stay budget-friendly, we temporarily forgoed a suggested glass wall, and instead, installed a specialized square of red-lined carpet to define the formal conference room from the main office area.


“Immediately our team moved in, settled down and got to work. All the needless time wasted chatting instead of working is gone. While our staff still has a good time, they now realize they are part of a team and that other are depending on them, and are holding themselves more accountable.”

“One of the key points about choosing CBI was we got a workplace that looks and feels like it should cost twice as much as it did. We truly got more for less with CBI.”

– Ross Graham, CEO of Legend Rubber Inc.

Legend Rubber walked away with a more efficient, “on-brand” office that will support them in growing as an industry leader for years to come. Reported benefits include, increased:

  • Productivity - Legend Rubber predicts that they are saving at least 30 minutes a day per employee, 30 minutes a day 5 days a week is 150 minutes a week. With 52 weeks in a year that is 7,800 minutes per employee. That is 130 hours or over 16 days of time saved per employee.
  • Morale
  • Efficiency
  • Team Spirit
  • Accountability

If you’re considering upgrading your current office environment – and want someone with a proven track record to make personalized recommendations, take care of all the details and execute the whole thing into existence for you – we’d love to help.

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