DATE: 01/12/2015

Have you considered replacing your existing cubicle furniture with Blade office? Or maybe you are opening a new office and looking for the best options for your office design? Blade office furniture has taken the business world by storm, changing the look and efficiency of the modern office. There are definite benefits to upgrading to Blade office furniture over the traditional cubicle design. Is the Blade open plan system the best option for your office?

Blade Open Plan Furniture Benefits

The Blade open plan furniture system offers several benefits over the traditional cubicle desk configuration that has been used for decades in office environments. It combines bench desks with an open plan system that saves space while offering a functional design. Without the cumbersome cubicle walls separating each station, teams can easily communicate and collaborate, changing the dynamics of your office. Some of the reasons businesses are choosing Blade versus traditional cubicles for their new or refurbished offices include:

  • Space savings. Blade open plan systems can save as much as 25% in space compared to traditional cubicles or singular desk configurations. This means more work stations in a smaller square foot area, saving you money in real estate costs. Our team at CBI Group can help you create the best Blade configuration to take advantage of the space you.
  • Cost savings. Blade open plan systems are usually less expensive than traditional cubicle desk systems, making them an affordable option for any business. Combine the initial cost for Blade furniture with the space and real estate savings to see a substantial reduction in overhead costs for your office.
  • Improved office environment. Blade systems offer increased airflow and natural light throughout the office compared to cubicle desks. The reduction of cubicle walls helps open up each work station so that employees receive the benefits of increased circulation and natural light. This not only improves employees’ comfort level but also increases the productivity of their work.
  • Modern style. The modern style of Blade furniture over the outdated look of traditional cubicle furniture can transform the look of your office. The sleek design gives your old office a facelift and brightens your new office space. These workstations are a perfect fit for smaller computers and electronic devices that are common in today’s work environment.
  • Flexibility. Blade furniture easily conforms to any office space, with the ability to add or move the units effortlessly. This flexibility in design allows you to change your office as your staffing needs change and your company grows.

Are you ready to update your old cubicle desks to the modern Blade open plan system? We have a great selection of Blade office furniture at CBI Group to meet your business needs, while staying within your budget. Let us help you design a new look for your office, with all the benefits that Blade has to offer.