DATE: 01/31/2017

POSTED IN: Announcements

Did you know that offices are smaller than they used to be? Since the 1990s, private offices have gotten roughly 20% smaller on average. Speaking of private offices, fewer employees have them now than at any other time in recent history. Design firms, publishing houses and other creative businesses tend toward open layouts, shared spaces and modular office furniture that allows for changing and rearranging as your business grows. Not sure you know how to create small office furniture solutions that are in keeping with the office culture of your business? The design specialists at CBI Group live to do just that.

When it comes to small office furniture solutions, the first thing to consider is who is using the space, and what they’re doing in it. Next, consider what kind of environment you’re looking to create. Think about, or better yet, discuss with a design professional from CBI Group, what message you want to send. That’s right, furniture sends a message—sometimes without the receiver even realizing it. Here are a few examples:

  • Casual, slant-back chairs send a message that an office is a welcoming place for informal discussion.
  • A long table in place of one or more desks invites collaboration and conversation.
  • Using covert shelving under desks or beneath windows gives the impression of added open space, and keeps clutter from view.
  • A corner desk can provide a lot of workspace in a small area while leaving room to welcome visitors.
  • Keeping color to a minimum can make a space seem larger and give individual design elements greater impact.

The small office furniture solutions you consider shouldn’t just focus on your business today. Consider where you want the company to be five or ten years down the road. The best small office furniture solutions are those that keep working for you even as your business grows and changes. Contact CBI Group to discuss how you can design and furnish your small offices for maximum impact and greater productivity. Email INSPIRE@CBI-OFFICE.COM to set up an appointment or get a quote.