DATE: 02/18/2015

Where is the first place your clients go when they visit your San Antonio business? In many cases, it is straight to the reception desk in your lobby. Positive first impressions are crucial to starting off on the right path with your customers, making this small piece of real estate in your office an important investment. At CBI Group, we have the best in reception desks that are both functional for your reception personnel and inviting to your guests.

Choosing the Right Reception Desk for Your San Antonio Office

Consider the reception desk as the centerpiece of your lobby. It is the focal point of the reception area to which customers immediately go as they enter your office. This essential furniture piece has two functions: workstation and welcoming booth. The trick is to find the perfect combination of both, without one interfering with the other.

To find the best reception desk for your office, you need to consider a few factors:

  • Style. Your reception desk may be the centerpiece of the room, but it should also blend with the style of the lobby. Choose a color and design that matches the d├ęcor in your lobby, or, design your lobby around this main piece of furniture. Reception desks can be made of almost any material, from traditional wood to contemporary designs using glass, marble and other materials.
  • Function. What needs do your reception personnel have to perform their job? Most likely they need room for a computer and phone, possibly storage for paperwork and files. Make sure the desk you choose will enable your reception team to have the space they need to do their job. Some offices may need larger work areas, using an L-shaped or U-shaped desk to give more work space, while others can opt for a straight or curved design with less space.
  • Concealment. Many modern reception desks do a great job of concealing the work area from guests, offering a clean, uncluttered appearance. High reception desks allow computers and work supplies to be stored out of sight for a professional, clean welcoming area. However, lower reception desks are considered more approachable, so having integrated power sources and plenty of storage space is needed to keep low reception areas looking neat.
  • Size. Of course, size is always a consideration when choosing new office furniture. You want a reception desk that will comfortably fit in your lobby area without taking over the space. Make sure to consider how much space will be needed behind the desk as well as ensuring there is enough space for customers to easily approach the desk, especially those with wheelchairs and other physical devices.

If you are looking for the best reception desk for your San Antonio office, we have a large variety of options from which to choose at CBI Group. Let us help you find the perfect desk to represent your company and welcome customers to your business.