DATE: 05/19/2017

  • Few things are as exciting (and overwhelming) as setting up a new office.Chances are, you’ve thought a lot about where you want workstations to be set up, or which room is best for holding conferences. But what about storage, data cables, and all the other little things you need to keep track of? How will you keep your staff from tripping over cords on their way to the copy machine? You may not have all the answers, but that’s okay. Office space planning services are here to help you.
  • You might wonder, how can someone unfamiliar with your business and staff come up with a unique office design plan that works? That’s where you come in.CBI Group’s office space planning services providers will sit down with you to discuss everything. They’ll want to know all about your business and corporate culture, your staff, existing space, issues you’d like to address, your budget, and how you plan to grow your business for the future.
  • The CBI Group specialist can then come up with a plan. No, not a boring black and white floor plan that forces you to imagine what all those shapes might look like as furniture. What you’ll see is a full-color rendering that lets you see the colors, textures, and designs that you’ve discussed with your planner. Spend time looking at what the office space planning services provide. Then you can finalize your plan and move forward.
  • Have you ever completed a big project only to come up with a brilliant idea you could have implemented…if only you’d thought of it sooner? One of the best reasons to utilize CBI Group office space planning services is to prevent that from happening. By discussing your plans, hopes, and ideas for your new office design and layout, your design and planning specialist can take you through every eventuality.
  • You don’t have to take our word for it. Sit down with one of CBI Group’s office space planning services providers and see if you don’t agree. Stop by the CBI Group website for more information and to check out previous office designs. Or call 210-655-3375 to set up an appointment.