DATE: 10/09/2017

Open office layouts first appeared in Germany and parts of Europe about 50 years ago. It was believed that taking down cubicle walls would help employees work together more closely and (literally) tear down barriers separating management from the rest of the staff. Since then, open office layouts have replaced traditional cubicles in companies large and small. For your business in Austin, office space planning can take your open office game to the next level. How?

  • By either removing or drastically lowering cubicle walls, you remove one hurdle to employee collaboration. Just being able to make eye contact with fellow staffers can improve morale and mood.
  • When you consult with an Austin office space planning specialist, they'll want to know all about your business. That's a good time to consider how to arrange employee workstations to inspire maximum collaboration. This might include partner desks, modular tables, or a centrally located free space for short meetings.
  • Open office layouts are thought to create a sense of "shared mission." Teamwork is an essential component of workplace productivity. When everyone is working together to serve customers or achieve a common goal, that sense of togetherness translates to increased work output for everyone.
  • Discuss placement of printers, recycling stations, and other communal areas of the office with your Austin office space planning coordinator. Idea sharing and brainstorming often takes place in these "water cooler" spaces. Inspired employees are more productive than those who feel stuck in a rut!

Investing in a new office layout is a great way to show your staff that they are appreciated and valued. Plan a visit to the CBI Group showroom in San Antonio or Austin. Office space planning can be easier than you ever thought possible when you utilize the expertise of a professional office space planner. To make an appointment or get a quote, use our contact form or call 210-655-3375.