DATE: 03/11/2015

Where are employees the most productive? Most employers would hope that it is when employees are in the office. However, for many people, sitting at their desk at work is not on the top of their list of places where they feel productive. Many people admit they are more focused when they are in a comfortable environment, such as their home or even a casual café. If you are among these people, maybe it is time to make your desk more homey and personalized to achieve a higher level of productivity.

Ideas for Personalizing Your Desk

Most people can focus and concentrate at a higher level when they feel relaxed and comfortable. Unfortunately, a stark desk and a computer rarely make people relaxed or comfortable. Adding personal touches to your desk space is a way to transform your desk into a place you feel at home, even when you are at work.

  • Brighten your day. Color is often lacking in many offices, but there is no reason why you cannot bring color to your workstation. Treat yourself to some office accessories that brighten your desk such as a playful mouse pad or designer desk organizer.
  • Bring your loved ones to work. You work hard for your family and loved ones. Why not bring them with you to work for inspiration? Add photos of your family, friends and furry companions so they can cheer you on throughout the week.
  • Be creative. You do not need to spend your paycheck to personalize your desk space. Be creative and turn everyday items into desk décor. Turn your glass jars from last night’s dinner into cute office supply containers adorned with ribbon or paint. Cover old soup cans with metallic fabric for gold or silver pen holders.
  • Organize with style. Make organizing fun with festive colored bins and storage boxes that look more like gifts than boring file boxes. Keep on task by adding a chalkboard or whiteboard to jot down your to-do items for the week. In a high-tech work environment, sometimes low-tech items can be refreshing.
  • Bring your walls to life. If you have wall space, make the most of it with staggered shelves, artwork and inspirational pictures. Even if your desk does not have a view, you can create your own inspirational area with some knickknacks on your shelves or peaceful photos of your favorite vacation destinations.

Considering the time that you spend each week at your desk, shouldn’t it be an area that you enjoy? Making a few changes to your desk space that speak to your personality can go a long way in making it feel more comfortable and inviting. In the midst of a busy office, it can be your island to help you stay grounded, relaxed and motivated.

To have a great desk space, you first need to start with a great desk. CBI Group has a fantastic selection of desk options for your Austin office design. Start with function and then let every employee create their own personalized space for a fun and productive office atmosphere.