DATE: 11/10/2016

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When employees discuss the pros and cons of working in an office, ergonomics are sure to enter the conversation. In fact, ergonomic task chairs can evoke strong feelings in many office workers. That’s because comfortable or even custom office chairs can improve circulation when sitting, reduce strain on the lumbar nerves, and improve concentration and productivity.

Comfortable seating is a vital part of any office. For most workplaces, this is best achieved through ergonomic task chairs that can be adjusted to meet the needs of a wide variety of body types. Just like clothing or shoes, chairs are not one-size-fits-all.

This doesn’t have to mean creating custom office chairs for every member of your staff, however. A fully adjustable ergonomic chair will meet the needs of most employees. The ergonomic chairs you purchase for your office should meet the following criteria:

• Stability. Obviously, the chair should be comfortable and stable. Wheels should lock and unlock easily and should all be level with each other.

• Arm rests. Ideally, these should be adjustable and removable—making custom office chairs unnecessary.

• Back support. This is not optional. Lack of back support leads to excruciating pain down the road. This is especially true of the lower back/lumbar area.

• Accommodating seat. The height of the seat should be widely adjustable. The area of the seat should be large enough to accommodate users of every size and shape. There should also be enough high-quality padding so the chair stays comfortable even after extended use.

• Adjustable back. The back of the best ergonomic task chairs will have an adjustable tilt that can go forward or backward as needed.

It’s well established that we all do our best work when we feel valued, comfortable, and pain-free. Investing in proper ergonomic task chairs or custom office chairs when needed can make a significant difference in employee satisfaction. That is beneficial not just for them, but for your bottom line as well.

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