DATE: 10/06/2018

Although a cubicle system can seem like Death Valley for an office environment, cubicles were originally designed to empower people back in the ‘60s. They paved the way for large corporate spaces — as seen in pop culture TV shows and movies such as “Office Space” and “Mad Men” — to fit many employees into one small space. Five decades later, the cubicle has transformed with all the new technology readily available.

Cubicles no longer need to be the drab fabric in the middle of a large office. With dividers, shelf storage, and adjustable-height technology, cubicles can be brought into the modern workplace, allowing for smooth integration with today’s trendy open office floorplan style.

With conflicting studies on the productivity benefits of the cubicle, it can be difficult deciding whether cubicles would be beneficial or detrimental to your existing office environment. At CBI Group, we’ve seen many office trends come and go over the last 30 years, so we’ve modernized the traditional cubicle. Get the pros and cons of cubicles in offices, and see how they can transform your office layout.

Modernizing the “Cubicle” With Dividers

CBI Group helps transform workstations into modern cubicles with our wide selection of dividers to separate employees’ workspaces. Each divider complements our wide selection of office furniture, which you can see for yourself at our expansive office furniture showroom.

We offer the following dividers to enhance workstations:

  • Tackable Fabric Divider — Increase functionality at your workspace while combining style and quality with our Tackable Fabric Dividers. Let your employees pin up reminders, calendars, personal items, and more.
  • Acoustic Felt Divider — Perfect for the office space that wants to combine privacy and productivity, our Acoustic Felt Dividers absorb 85 percent of sound energy. These dividers are available in three select color options.
  • Magnetic Marker-Board — Write down quick to-do items or personal mantras, or hang up notes with our Magnetic Marker Board. Easy to wipe down, the Marker Board can be custom made to any size.
  • Dry-Erase Frosted Glass — Amplify the look of a drab office space with our high-end Dry-Erase Frosted Glass dividers. Write notes, reminders, and more. Our installation team will ensure your glass dividers are totally secure.

Pros of Cubicles

  • Increase Privacy — Cubicles are a great way to provide privacy in an open office plan environment. Reduce sound and distractions, while still maintaining the ability to collaborate with coworkers if needed. Our wide selection of dividers can create a customized feel to your cubicles.
  • Personalization — Select dividers to match your company colors, or let your employees choose the ones they prefer for their workstation. With dry-erase features, tackability, and more, personalizing the workspace is simple with workstation dividers.
  • Improved Productivity — Less noise and more storage space make for increased productivity in the workplace. The trendy open office plan can create unnecessary noise and distractions, but cubicles help balance it out with necessary communication.

Cons of Cubicles

When predicting the potential cons a cubicle can bring — boring environment, restricted workspace, dated furniture, etc. — keep in mind that these can be combated with a wide selection of CBI Group’s office furniture. Along with our workstation dividers, we offer various workstation storage options, including Sliding-Door Hutches, Double-Sided Hutches, and more, all available in multiple finishes.

It’s important to take your employees’ preferences and general work schedules into account when deciding between cubicles. Would your business benefit from an open floor plan? Is privacy a necessity? Our team at CBI Group can help select the best cubicle and workstation option for your business.

Visit Our Office Furniture Showroom

Our office furniture team has years of experience working with a variety of San Antonio area businesses, and we can assist in finding the best selection of office furniture for you. Contact us to schedule your free consultation or stop by our Northeast San Antonio office furniture showroom to view our modern cubicle designs yourself. CBI Group continues to stay on top of the latest trends in office planning and revamping traditional designs.