DATE: 10/16/2017

When we talk about conference tables, the first thing that springs to mind might be a massive oak behemoth where men in fussy suits discuss big financial plans. The modern reality is that mobile conference tables are far more practical and plentiful in today's business environment. The question isn't whether this type of conference table is right for your business. The question is which conference table is most likely to meet or surpass your needs.

What is a mobile conference table?

This is a long, flat work surface, often with casters, that can be easily moved. If they lack casters, they may be equipped with smooth horizontal legs that allow them to slide easily. There are a few different styles of mobile conference tables:

  • Nesting. These tend to be smaller than many traditional conference tables. Nesting tables can be stored stacked atop each other to save space. They can also be pushed together to form a square or rectangle to host larger meetings.
  • Training tables. Training tables are so named because they're the perfect length for two people to share space together. These may be individual pieces or work with other modular tables to form a larger conference space when needed.
  • Height adjustable. Many mobile conference tables can be moved up and down to accommodate laptops or act as a standing desk or conference table. This versatility lets these conference tables double as regular workstations.
  • Bench optional. Some mobile conference tables also come with attached benches or can be adjusted to become a table and bench combination. These are excellent for cafeteria-style work spaces, since they convey a casual, laidback atmosphere.

The mobile conference tables you select should meet the physical requirements of your staff while reflecting your workplace culture. To learn more about how to incorporate mobile conference tables into your workplace, use our contact form or call 210-655-3375.