The Reinvention of The Workbench: From Artisanal Studios to Tech Powerhouses

DATE: 01/25/2016

Workbench the word may conjure an image of a craftsman sanding down a beautiful piece of oak into a shapely work of art. Or maybe it just makes you think of good ole’ dad, working on projects around the house.

Should You Transition to a Standing Desk In Your San Antonio Office?

DATE: 01/21/2016

Thomas Jefferson. Ernest Hemingway. Charles Dickens – what do they all have in common? All preferred to work standing! Whether it was to ease back pain or stimulate the creative juices, many prominent members of the human race fashioned their own standing workstations before it was ever “a thing.”

5 Innovative Office Design Ideas Worth Borrowing From The World’s Best

5 Innovative Office Design Ideas Worth Borrowing From The World’s Best

DATE: 01/18/2016

Businesses the world over are beginning to have fun with their office designs. And, quite frankly, we couldn’t be more thrilled. The office is more than a place where employees get work done. It’s a place where people spend a significant portion of their lives; lives that are meant to be lived and enjoyed.

Why You Should Design Your San Antonio Office to Promote Chance Encounters

DATE: 01/14/2016

You may be wondering – what is a “chance encounter” and what does it have to do with redesigning my office space? A chance encounter is when two employees, who would have had no reason to dialogue otherwise, end up having an interesting conversation – that may or may not yield beneficial results for the company as a whole – based on a random meeting

Beyond Office Furniture – How to Support Well-being In Your San Antonio Workspace

DATE: 01/07/2016

Well-being – the word’s been thrown around a lot in recent years, but what does it actually mean? For some companies, it means ergonomics (ie. providing office chairs, workspaces and desks that are comfortable). For others, it’s simply a buzzword that’s of little concern unless it can be used to save money on insurance premiums. In reality, the word encompasses much more.

How to Increase Workplace Productivity By Changing Postures

DATE: 12/31/2015

What did we do before computers? It’s something we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another – whether in goodnatured jest or total seriousness. While there are many possible answers to said question, our answer as an interior solutions provider is more about what we didn’t do: We didn’t sit as much!