3 Tips For Redesigning Your Executive Office

DATE: 07/10/2015

Taking the time to design a top-notch executive office is time well spent! But where do you begin? Let’s review some important considerations you should be making before hiring a designer or picking out furniture.

Why Employees Hate Office Cubicles (it’s not what you think)

DATE: 07/08/2015

While “open office concepts” appear to be here to stay, workstation designs have evolved considerably since the “stripped down” versions of the 90s. And, despite the common notion of “cubicle drudgery,” most employees don’t actually dislike them for the reasons you’d think.

Brighten Your Office Space With 2015’s Top Design Trends

Brighten Your Office Space With 2015’s Top Design Trends

DATE: 07/06/2015

Here are 4 design trends to consider for freshening your office space and providing a better break environment for your employees.

What Your Corporate Office Furniture Says About You

DATE: 06/19/2015

Businesses build trust by verbally and visually communicating a consistent brand message. What does your corporate office furniture say about you?

How to Furnish An Effective Conference Room

DATE: 06/19/2015

While many companies take the above lackadaisical approach to setting up their conference rooms, much can be gained by putting some serious thought into how you structure yours.

How to Determine If An Open Office Floor Plan Is Right For You

DATE: 05/29/2015

The open-office floorplan – creative catalyst or employee nightmare? Read more.