How The Eames Chair Has Shaped Modern Office Design

How The Eames Chair Has Shaped Modern Office Design

DATE: 11/23/2015

If you’ve spent any amount of time socializing with designophiles, one name in particular has likely come up – Eames, Charles Eames to be exact. It is also highly probable that this name was spoken with a tone of reverence usually reserved for dignitaries, royals and nobel prize winners.

Worker Mobility: What Is It and How Is It Shaping The Office Furniture Industry?

DATE: 11/20/2015

A common misconception about workplace mobility is that it is reserved for those Skyping in their pajamas. But the reality is far from it. The category is actually much more broad than we’ve been led to believe.

Can Office Furniture Both Look Professional and Fun, While Making Staff More Productive?

DATE: 11/18/2015

Office furniture can be conducive to productivity, while remaining aesthetically pleasing to both clients and staff. Nonetheless, the question is something many CEOs have grappled with in recent years.

From Functional to Fun: How to Personalize Your San Antonio Office Furniture

From Functional to Fun: How to Personalize Your San Antonio Office Furniture

DATE: 11/16/2015

For far too long the idea that work is not supposed to be fun has pervaded American culture. Blame it on our Puritan forebears or blame it on some of the more common methodologies propagated by the Industrial Revolution, but the average American office worker has become accustomed to looking forward to the weekend far too much.

How to Create Ergonomic Collaborative Workspaces That Increase Productivity

DATE: 10/28/2015

How comfortable are your employees? If you haven’t asked yourself this question in a while, it may be time to revisit. As recent studies continue to provide insight into the experience of the modern office worker (and collaborative workspaces, in general), product designers continue to develop creative ergonomic solutions at record speeds.

How to Reposition These NY Times Approved Modern Design Trends for Your San Antonio Office

DATE: 10/26/2015

Considering transitioning to a modern office design? Though the appeal is undeniable – clean lines that maximize small spaces, sleek designs that scream sophistication and durable surfaces that make cleaning up a breeze – many business owners don’t realize just how many many style options there actually are to choose from, asking: When it comes to modern design, what else is there?