2 Situations When Buying New is a Better Choice Than Used Office Furniture

DATE: 04/11/2016

As expected, used furniture offers one indisputable advantage – saving money. But there are many situations where purchasing new office furniture is the best choice. Read more...

Why Your New San Antonio Office Furniture Should Focus On Community

DATE: 04/07/2016

Learn about the positive impact of building a community in your company work environment and how the right office furniture can support that goal.

How Coffee Shops Are Changing Modern Office Design

DATE: 04/04/2016

See how coffee shops are influencing modern workspace and office design.

The 3 Questions Your Office Furniture Must Answer For Millennials

The 3 Questions Your Office Furniture Must Answer For Millennials

DATE: 03/21/2016

As an employer, it’s easy to forget that a job interview is a two-way street. You’re thinking about your organizational budget, goals and how this person can fit in to meet your needs. Meanwhile, the person sitting across from you is evaluating your company based on their own criteria.

Make Your Small Office Seem Larger with Modular Office Furniture

DATE: 03/18/2016

Whether you’re starting a new business, or streamlining an old one, keeping overhead expenses low is always a good idea. In recent years, companies from San Francisco to NYC have been downsizing, finding innovative ways to cut costs along the way.

How Modern Office Furniture Can Support A Stronger Work Culture

DATE: 03/15/2016

Work culture; it’s something everyone seems to be talking about, but no one seems quite able to define. Put simply, it’s what it feels like to work at your company. And that feeling is directly related to the ideologies, principles and thought processes held at the top of an organization.