DATE: 02/10/2015

When was the last time you updated your San Antonio corporate office? Just like all aspects of your business, your décor needs to change with the times to reflect a creative and innovative image. If your corporate office environment has become stagnant, we have some fantastic ideas to help you enhance your image and increase productivity levels. Here are seven great ways to boost your office décor in 2015!

  • Open desking. Collaborative is the term you hear used frequently when discussing modern office design. More and more businesses are moving to work spaces that embrace communication and collaboration. Open desking is a great way to connect your team in one area so they can work side-by-side as a cohesive group, sharing ideas and building strong relationships.
  • Non-traditional workspaces. With mobile technology, there is no reason that all employees must be tied to their desks to do their jobs. Consider adding soft seating areas or bistro table sets where your team can work together or individually in a more comfortable space. It can soften the décor of your office, while enhancing productivity for those who work better away from a desk.
  • Brighten your office with color. For too long offices have been devoid of color, with stark white walls and an assortment of grey, black or brown furniture. Color inspires energy and creativity. Brighten your office by adding splashes of color from our large inventory of contemporary office furniture.
  • Spruce up your lobby area. Never underestimate the value of first impressions. Welcome your customers to your business by revamping your lobby and reception area to reflect the image of your company. Sleek, professional reception desks with bright comfortable waiting room furniture can make a large impact on how your clients view your business.
  • Integrate technology into your décor. New innovations in office furniture integrate technology into designing functional and stylish options. Many office chairs, both executive and soft furnishings, offer tablet features to make working away from your desk easier and more efficient.
  • Space-saving options. Modern office furniture design is all about making the most of your space. From your open-plan desk options to file cabinets that double as seating, let us show you ways to make the most of every square foot of your San Antonio corporate office space.
  • Construct a productive conference room. Make your meetings with clients, vendors and co-workers more productive with innovative additions to your conference room. We have ergonomic chairs, conference tables with integrated electricity and data capabilities plus stylish accents that can enhance any conference or meeting room.

Ready to make a change to your San Antonio office décor this year? Our talented team of office design professionals at CBI Group are ready to assist you in finding the right stylish and innovative options for your office. From complete office refurbishments to adding a few new touches, we have the right solutions to help you boost your corporate décor this year!