DATE: 02/21/2017

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Are you thinking about investing in a height adjustable standing desk for everyone on your staff? Offering your employees the option to sit or stand is one of the best ways to attract new talent and keep your core staff working to its fullest potential. These adjustable desks will make your employees feel more comfortable, which in turn will lead to employees that make fewer mistakes, have higher productivity and even call out of work less often.

You might be wondering how something as simple as a desk can do all that. Consider this: Desks are not exactly simple. A desk is the foundation of any workspace, and workspace design and comfort have a profound impact on worker satisfaction, output, attitude and even individual health.

The scientific research is in on height adjustable standing desks. Let’s take a look at the benefits and potential drawbacks of desks that allow for sitting or standing. Then you can decide with confidence whether or not they’re a good investment for your workplace.

Sitting, Or As the Mayo Clinic Calls It: The New Smoking

The Mayo Clinic released a study suggesting that the potential health hazards of prolonged sitting are similar, if not worse, than those attributed to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. If sitting really is the new smoking, quitting seems like the only reasonable option. Switching to a height adjustable standing desk is a simple and effective way to combat the negative effects of too much sitting.

Similarly, the American Medical Association reports that being seated for a large portion of your day can have a negative impact on physical health. Sitting for extended periods of time can slow metabolism, which can lead to weight gain in some individuals. More importantly, when we slow down the burning of calories, we have less energy throughout the day.

The term “sitting disease” is sometimes used by doctors to describe the maladies commonly associated with prolonged sitting. These include cardiovascular disease, depression, high blood pressure, excessive fatigue, muscle aches and cramps, and even diabetes. And yet, Americans sit an average of 7.7 hours a day, and many of us who work in offices find ourselves sitting for as much as 10-15 hours every day. Sitting for more than 6 hours a day for a period of two weeks has been shown to increase insulin resistance and bad cholesterol in many subjects. Why risk it, when a height adjustable standing desk is such a simple way to combat the negative impact of sitting?

Productivity: How Standing Desks Make a Difference

If sitting lowers metabolism, it stands to reason that standing instead will keep metabolism where it should be. Higher metabolism translates to increased energy throughout the day. It can also lead to greater focus, which means a higher work output and fewer errors. Standing leads to employees that are more awake and more alert. This can lead to better and faster brainstorming and problem solving, while increasing the value of team meetings. All of these benefits are especially applicable to those who work in accounting, data entry or anyone who does a lot of typing in their work. Furthermore, the physical benefits of standing desks, like improved posture and increased ergonomic effectiveness, carry benefits even outside the workplace. Employees who don’t develop ailments associated with sitting all day call off work less often, are more flexible and tend to have a better attitude all around.

Giving employees options helps businesses attract top talent while retaining the superstars they already employ. When your staff knows that you value them enough to offer height adjustable standing desks as an option, they know you care about their wellbeing. That makes them care even more about the work they do for your company.

Cost Benefit Analysis

There are also monetary benefits of incorporating height adjustable standing desks into your workplace. We’ve established that offering the option of standing desks can reduce turnover while attracting great talent. It also lessens employee call-ins as it increases productivity and reduces errors. That saves you money and time. Also, employees that feel energized and healthy do more and better work. They’re more likely to come in early or stay a bit late when the workload demands it. That kind of flexibility leads to better teamwork and a healthy and productive office culture. Plus, comfortable, happy employees are less likely to seek new employment. This saves you money on finding, interviewing, and training new staffers.

When your staff is at their best, everyone notices. This is especially true of valued clients and those who may be looking at your business for the first time.

The Importance of Aesthetics

The appearance of your office sets the tone for every employee and client interaction. Whether your business has a classic vibe, a modern tone, or even a futuristic sensibility, the way your office looks isn’t just cosmetic. The visual impact of your office environment affects everyone who sees it—from prospective employees to clients to vendors and everyone else.

Luckily, height adjustable standing desks aren’t just practical, they come in a variety of great designs to fit any office culture. Investing in height adjustable standing desks can be a helpful addition to your office workspace. It can even be the centerpiece of a whole new office design. The particulars are up to you—and the sky is the limit!

Why Height Adjustable?

Whether standing or sitting, the ability to adjust the height of a desk is vital to your employees. Take a look at your staff and you’ll probably notice a wide range of body types. Tall, short, long legs, short arms, heavy weight or feather weight—it’s vital that everyone be able to create a workspace that works for their body. That’s the best way to avoid developing physical ailments like backaches, eye strain, carpal tunnel or cubital nerve pain, or migraines.

Your staff will love having the option to stand or sit as needed. Even the most energized and active employees may prefer to sit on occasion, especially if they’ve had an illness or injury. Some workers may prefer to be seated while doing computer work, but prefer to stand to take phone calls or work with other members of the staff. Ultimately, the more options you provide your staff, the greater your chances of pleasing everyone. Contrary to the popular saying, you really CAN please everyone if you make the right choices.

What’s Mini Stress, and How Do I Avoid It?

We’ve discussed the negative physical impact that sitting can bring about in the body. One study suggests that breaking up sedentary sessions with standing time can negate those risks even better than diet and exercise.

Some studies suggest that standing an average of ten minutes for every hour spent seated is a good ratio. Using a height adjustable standing desk for the first or last hour of the shift is a great way to put this knowledge to work.

Good posture is essential in avoiding mini-stresses associated with sitting. Standing helps keep our back straight, shoulders even, and chest out. This increases oxygen intake, which makes the whole body work better.

Are There Drawbacks to Height Adjustable Standing Desks?

Nothing is ever all good or all bad, is it? You might be wondering if there are any down sides to bringing in height adjustable standing desks for your staff. It’s possible.

Requiring all employees to stand rather than sit may not go over well. Remember, the point of investing in sit-to-stand desks is to provide your employees with options, rather than demanding changes in behavior. Be sure to get your employees’ input before making any drastic changes.

We hope this has given you a clearer view of the potential benefits of height adjustable standing desks. To get a look at your options or discuss your office needs with a design professional, email CBI Group at or call 210-655-3375 to set up an appointment.