DATE: 12/19/2014

While you can shop online for new office furniture, nothing replaces visiting a professional showroom. Pictures cannot express how comfortable a chair is or what the texture of a material feels like against your skin. If you are refurbishing an office with new furniture or looking to design a new office, you need to experience first-hand how your new furniture will look and feel. Here are five things you will learn by visiting a San Antonio office furniture showroom before you buy.

  • First impressions. A picture may say a thousand words but it is never the same as seeing an item in person. Since office furniture is three-dimensional, you need to see it to appreciate its size and design. While function is important, that first impression that you get when looking at furniture can have a large impact on whether you will be happy with it once it is in your office.
  • Taking it out for a test drive. You would not buy a car without at least sitting in it first. Most people spend more time at their work desks then they do in their cars. By visiting an office furniture showroom, you get the chance to test drive the furniture that you and your employees will be using for many years to come.
  • Customer service. One thing you can learn by visiting a showroom versus window shopping online is how a company treats their customers. Are you greeted promptly? Is your sales associate helpful and knowledgeable? If you are going to invest in an office furniture company's services and products, it is good to know that they put customers first before you buy.
  • Side-by-side comparisons. While you can look at the specifications of a product and compare them to other similar products, it is easier to make a decision when you can compare them side-by-side. Visiting an office furniture showroom gives you the opportunity to look at and try several options to find the best solution for your business.
  • New ideas. It is hard to think outside of the box when staring into a box! One thing you learn while visiting a showroom is how many different options there are when it comes to office design. See how different design concepts work together and get a sense of how these elements will work within your office space.

One of the many things that makes CBI Group different is our fantastic San Antonio office furniture showroom. We give you the chance to meet some of our team while looking at the newest innovations in office design. Come explore and experience a wide variety of office furniture options to ensure that you get the right components for your new or refurbished office. It is worth the time to learn more about the benefits of the various options available before making the investment into your new office.