DATE: 03/25/2015

The quality and design of your business’ office interior is an important investment. You need office furniture that supports the needs of your staff, while projecting a positive image for your company. However, no one wants to spend a small fortune on office furniture when you are trying to stay within a tight budget. Luckily, you can still have quality office furniture without breaking the bank with these five surprisingly affordable office interior options that we offer at GBI Group.

1. Reconfigurable furniture. Transform your training or conference room with reconfigurable furniture that is as flexible as it is affordable. Both the tables and chairs can easily be moved to conform to whatever your needs are that day, making it a great value. Whether you need a u-shape table for a brain-storming session or separate tables faced forward for a presentation, reconfigurable furniture can quickly be changed for the occasion.

2. 120-degree workstations. Give your employees the workstation design they need while making the most of your office space with affordable 120-degree workstations. CBI Group can help you choose the best configurations to best utilize your square footage in your office. Choose from a variety of screen options to offer privacy for each station, while still allowing easy collaboration for your team.

3. Blade system. For excellent design, quality and affordability, the Blade system options are perfect for open plan office design. Enjoy beautiful office furniture that is highly functional and promotes collaboration and productivity for your team. Let our design experts create a 3D rendering of your new office interior, showing you exactly how great a Blade system will work within your office space.

4. Executive office options. You can have professional office furniture for your executive office while still staying within your budget. CBI Group can help you furnish your private offices with exceptional executive desks, storage systems and chairs that make the most out of your space. Choose from several options that are comfortable, functional and stylish, while still surprisingly affordable.

5. KOLAB office furniture. Looking to break the mold of boring office furniture? KOLAB is the perfect option for modular office furniture with flare. Choose from a wide variety of seating options in innovative and inspiring configurations that are sure to energize your office interior while still staying within your budget. KOLAB works great for alternative work areas for impromptu team collaboration, break areas or waiting rooms.

What makes us different at CBI Group is that we do not just sell particular office furniture lines. Our commitment is not to any brand, it is to our customers. Whatever your office interior desires, budget or time restraints, we will help you find the best office furniture options to get the highest performance. If you are looking for a fantastic office interior for your Austin office that is affordable, our consultants can work with you to find the best options that will meet all of your needs.