DATE: 07/11/2017

Even in the digital age, there are still plenty of reasons to keep hard copy files on hand or in storage. But who has that kind of space? With these inventive office storage solutions, you do! Space-saving office storage solutions are better than ever for when you need to keep your important files accessible, without being in the way. The best solutions for office storage need to be functional and practical, but they also should be visually appealing, in line with the rest of your office culture, and within your budget. CBI Group can help you find office storage solutions that cover all the bases.

  • If you've got a lot of files in storage that your entire staff needs access to, you might try standing shelves that join together to form their own file vault that can be easily accessed by anyone who needs it. If you prefer more security for things like client or patient records, that's an option too.
  • If each individual work station requires its own place to store relevant files, back catalogs, client histories or anything else, filing cabinets that can be stored under cubicles or desks can become space saving and attractive office storage solutions.
  • For something even more versatile, look into storage pieces that can be stacked to the precise number of drawers, shelves, cabinets, or hanging filing racks as you need to put everything in its place.
  • Modular shelving units are flexible and changeable. Better still, put a few next to each other and it can become a printer station, a central location for that suggestion box you've been considering, or even a standing workspace.
  • Shelving units are often available on casters so they can be moved to work with modular pieces, or when a coworker moves down the hall. Making improvements to your office layout is a breeze with shelving on casters.

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