DATE: 10/23/2015

It’s just furniture, right?

Well, that depends who you ask. A growing number of employers are examining the relationship between office furniture, productivity and staff morale. And many are experiencing noticeable gains after updating their San Antonio offices with more modern and intentionally designed pieces.

It’s clear that what was once seen as a “non-essential” is now being seen as a smart investment in long-term growth. Here are some of the reasons why having great office furniture often yields better results:

Boring Furniture Is Boring

This may be hard to hear if you’re the boss, but the reality is – for many employees – a job is just a job. No one is filing papers because they’re truly passionate about filing systems, and no one is updating spreadsheets because they’ve dreamed of doing so since childhood. That’s not to say such tasks can’t be enjoyable, but they’re unlikely to be true favorite activities. For most, these everyday tasks include a fair amount of monotony. But you can help curb this by furnishing your space with beautiful and dynamic pieces that add interest!

Colors Can Be Motivating

At this point, numerous studies have indicated just how much environment affects mood. One of the longest known influential factors is that of color. While individual responses do vary across cultural lines, the reported reactions of yours can still be harnessed to your advantage. Generally speaking, bright color schemes enhance enthusiasm and cool color schemes support relaxation.

Proximity and Placement

Great office furniture isn’t just designed to look good, it’s designed to be practical. Not only should the furniture itself include great storage options, but it should also be deliberately placed near frequently used traffic paths. Oftentimes, employees end up procrastinating certain “to-dos” out of sheer inconvenience. You can avoid such a scenario by creating organized traffic patterns and storing any frequently used items near desks. Not only will such attentions to detail create less unnecessary work, they will also go a long way toward increasing moral.

Cleanliness Is Appreciated

No matter how attractive your furniture is, it won’t look good if it isn’t clean. As previously discussed, environmental aesthetics affect productivity, and cleanliness is a part of that. Maintaining a clean workspace can include routine dusting, polishing, disinfecting and overall tidying. You can cut down cleaning time by choosing more modern, acrylic work surfaces that wipe down easily, and by incorporating organizational systems into workspaces.

Privacy Nooks Increase Satisfaction

Privacy nooks are sequestered spaces provided to give employees varying amounts of visual and auditory privacy. As more and more employers switch to open office plans, concerns for privacy have understandably increased. In fact, noise level and visual privacy are continually rated as the highest grievances in recent employee surveys. As an experienced interior solutions provider, we’ve successfully addressed such issues by designing collaborative workspaces with privacy nooks for several clients.

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