DATE: 04/21/2017

Despite the many studies that demonstrate the benefits of height adjustable standing desks, not everyone is sure they’re worth the investment. That’s a shame, because height adjustable standing desks aren’t just good for comfort and morale—they also improve productivity and can even influence recruiting. Here’s how:

  • Modern office furnishings attract modern talent. Savvy applicants take time to notice whether current employees seem happy, busy, stressed or miserable. When they see a room full of energized employees standing or sitting to work as they please, they know they’re in the right place.
  • Height adjustable standing desks aren’t just for standing. What they offer is choice. Stand all day, sit all day, or switch off as your mood or responsibilities change. Everybody loves having a choice.
  • Standing at work is known to improve circulation and reduce lower back pain. It can also help with ergonomics—reducing the risk of damage to the carpal tunnel or cubital nerves. Pain-free employees get more done, and call out less frequently. That’s great for your bottom line.
  • Height adjustable standing desks are often used by employees who prefer not to sit for hours at a time. However, they can also be used by groups or committees, since many height adjustable standing desks can hold as many as three monitors or laptops.
  • When employees spend all or most of their workday at a desk, being able to move around is imperative. By providing furniture that changes with your staff, you invite your employees to create their own perfect workspace. You’ll see the difference in increased morale and work output, and eventually, lower employee turnover.

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