DATE: 05/22/2014

As a leading San Antonio office furniture supplier, we have identified some key trends that businesses have recently adopted. Here are the top five:

1. Group Collaboration

There is less hierarchy now, particularly at tech industry businesses. Rigid corporate structures are being replaced by collaborative environments where ideas are shared freely. In response, office furniture is moving toward modular desks that can be configured in many different ways. We carry several products like this; if it would be a good fit for your workplace, we can show you all the options.


The bring your own device (BYOD) movement is all about being available to work the way you work best. As a result, many office furniture makers are accommodating the BYOD trend by equipping chairs and desks with spaces for storing tablets and laptops. This keeps devices neatly tucked away until they are needed.

3. Productive Downtime

Of course, the BYOD movement is also about being available to work 24/7. Sometimes, staff members are expected to check emails and write reports in the break room or the employee café. That’s why it’s important to invest in workplace furniture that is comfortable enough to qualify as “break room,” but sleek enough to encourage productivity even during downtime.

4. Improved Creativity

For businesses where intellectual property is the #1 commodity, creativity is essential. Office furniture should inspire creative juices to flow, which means bolder colors, more innovative design, and a seating experience that encourages you to sit and think awhile. We have many creative furniture options like this in our product inventory!

5. Spontaneity

These days, not every meeting is a conference table meeting. Businesses need furniture that is conducive to impromptu meetings, like quick set-up tables, swivel chairs or easily stored stackable chairs. They are choosing furniture that makes meetings on the fly easier and more productive.

Where workplace trends concern office furniture, these are the top five developments we have identified. If you have noticed any others, let us know in the comments below. Our San Antonio office furniture experts would like to hear from you.