DATE: 10/17/2014

Designing your office furniture with modern design touches will transform the way your employees interact with their office space and increase collaborative productivity.

A modern design can feel clean, light, and open, which is less distracting than a more cluttered and subdued atmosphere. It can not only update your company’s look, but also provide tangible benefits to employees.

These 5 simple design suggestions will give your space a modern yet professional touch.

san antonio modern office design chair

Ergonomic – Most ergonomic office furniture is designed with a distinctly modern feel, but it also can help bolster your staff’s productivity and can even improve their health. Fewer backaches and headaches mean happier, healthier, and more efficient employees.

120 Degree Workstations – Providing a non-linear design, 120 Degree Workstations ensures no employees are directly facing one another, making the space feel less confined. The contoured tabletop provides equal distance from all sides of the desk.

san antonio modern office design Metal and Glass Surfaces – If you want to create an elegant and progressive atmosphere, ditch the plastic surfaces. You can incorporate metal, wood and glasses surfaces throughout the office. Varying textures will make for a more interesting office space.

Color – Traditionally, workspaces do not feature many colorful elements, but new research shows that brighter colors can help improve employee mood and productivity. Modern office design often incorporates bright splashes of colors like oranges and reds. The key is to keep it simple – highlighting one or two colors – so it stays clean and modern and doesn’t become overwhelming.

Collaborative Furniture - Modern office design doesn’t just focus on individual workspaces, but provides more opportunities for employees to gather and work together. That can mean long desks that accommodate more than one work station as well as informal, relaxed meeting areas in open spaces –sometimes even with sofas and other comfortable seating – rather than just stuffy conference rooms with rigid chairs.

Elevate your current office space with modern design touches that will motivate employees and create a more productive work environment. Contact CBI Group for more information today.