DATE: 01/18/2016

Businesses the world over are beginning to have fun with their office designs. And, quite frankly, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

As previously mentioned, the office is more than a place where employees get work done. It’s a place where people spend a significant portion of their lives; lives that are meant to be lived and enjoyed.

At this point, numerous studies have proven that employees who feel comfortable, supported and inspired in their workspaces are more productive than those who don’t.

The benefits our clients experience after making the switch to a freshly designed modern office support these claims. We’ve seen some jaw-dropping redesigns over the years (we’ve even been fortunate enough to play a part in some of them). But every once in awhile, we’ll see something that just takes it to another level.

Granted, not every business needs a show-stopper of an office, but that is exactly what can often put a business on the map once potential clients and job candidates become aware of it. We recently came across a well-curated list of the Top 20 Most Awesome Company Offices. Feeling inspired, we decided to pull five innovative ideas you can incorporate into your next office redesign:

Bring The Outdoors In

Outdoor Office Design Ideas

It’s easy to forget that until fairly recently in human history, people worked outside. Sunlight. Greenery. Fresh air – all elements humans still require to produce their best work. Thanks to a number of recent studies on the effects of environment on productivity and well being, many businesses are finding creative ways to bring the outdoors into the workplace. One such company is architectural firm Selgas Cano, located just outside of Madrid.

Designed by Iwan Baan, the office is situated half underground in a forest. Expansive floor to ceiling glass walls lend a sense of relaxation that’s hard to beat. Don’t have the resources for something so ornate? Take a cue from ThinkGarden who designed their office to reflect nature with stone-shaped bean bags, large plants, plenty of flowers and unusual desk positioning.

Business By Day, Party By Night

Social Office Furniture Ideas

Numerous news outlets have reported that Millennials strongly value friendship in the workplace. Red Bull took this into account when converting five old pubs into their new London office. With none of the buildings linked together, or having floors of the same height, Red Bull constructed a workspace that felt more lounge-like than corporate. As a nod to the building’s roots, the company further designed a reconfigurable barspace for evening events and social hours.

Use Recycled Materials

Recycled Office Furniture Ideas

Another interesting trend we’ve been seeing is the incorporation of recycled materials in the workplace. When redesigning their headquarters, Dreamhost decided to give their office an extra dash of personality by decorating with a variety of unique textures. Look around and you’ll see old street signs, reconstructed barnwood and a salvaged pizza oven. By pairing rustic elements with modern materials (ie. concrete floors, streamlined furnishings, exposed ventilation systems), the company easily creates a memorable aesthetic.

Using recycled materials is perfect for companies wanting a personable look on a budget. Pro Tip: Painting salvaged furnishings in neutral whites and grays can give any room an instant facelift.

Makeover An Unexpected Space

Office Furniture Makeover

Who would be crazy enough to convert an abandoned cinema into a corporate headquarters? The folks at Comvert in Milan – that’s who. Comvert is an alternative clothing company with a funky edge. During their property search, the company stumbled upon an abandoned theater large enough to accommodate all the items on their “must have list.” They converted what used to be the room above the movie auditorium into an indoor skate bowl, thus complimenting their brand image. Sometimes the best spaces were never intended to be offices!

Use Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Office Furniture

We know – this one’s a little weird, but too interesting not to share. Pallotta TeamWorks was on a “$40 per square-foot budget” when constructing their Los Angeles workspace. They say necessity is the mother of innovation, and that couldn’t be more true for Pallota. The company converted shipping containers into individual office spaces within a large warehouse. Not only was the project affordable, but it gave their employees something fun to look forward to everyday.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how the world’s most innovative companies are designing their headquarters. Want to incorporate some of these elements into your redesign? Click Here for a free consultation.