DATE: 11/13/2017

Is your office design looking a little outdated? Do you find that your current power and data setup isn't handling things as well as you'd like? Are your employees cramped, complaining, or just feeling unmotivated? You might be surprised at what new office furniture solutions can bring to your workplace. Just a few simple additions to your current floor plan can make a profound difference on productivity and morale. How?

  • 1.Tear down cubicle walls. Who wants to stare at a wall all day, isolated from coworkers, clients, and managerial staff? By lowering or removing those walls, you open up the space, conversation, and collaboration among your staff. Fresh air and sunlight at last!
  • 2.Offer healthful options with height adjustable desks. Some employees prefer to sit comfortably all day. Others prefer to stand whenever possible. Offering height adjustable desks, tables, or workstations gives your staff the best of both worlds. It's also a clear demonstration that their comfort is important to you.
  • 3.Try modular conference pieces. Flexibility should be at the forefront of your mind when developing office furniture solutions for your space. Need a conference table only once or twice a month? A modular table can fold up for discrete storage or pull apart into smaller tables or desks.
  • 4.Consider storage. Whether your office is record heavy or practically paperless, there's always a need to store files, cleaning supplies, spare parts and furniture, light bulbs, and all the other little things that no office can function without. Don't forget storage when planning office furniture solutions, from integrated shelving to walk-in storage units.
  • 5.Have a seat. Chairs are vital components of any office. They should be comfortable, attractive, ergonomically sound, and functional enough to work with a variety of desks, tables, and workstations. Consider other seating, like small sofas or reception seating, as needed.

Discussing your office furniture solutions with an office planning specialist is a great way to meet all your needs while keeping within your planned budget. To make an appointment with an office space designer or to get a quote, use our contact form or call us at 210-655-3375.