DATE: 05/30/2017

Digital record keeping saves us from having to print out and save hard copies of everything.However, depending on the requirements of your business, paper files are still necessary. That means that today’s modern office still needs to be equipped for storage of records, filings, contracts, certifications, and other paper documents. In some cases, well-organized storage might not be enough. Your staff might need regular and fast access to paper files. Here are a few options for office storage solutions:

  • Wall cabinets. How many documents do you need to store? Can old files be purged or will your need for storing paper files steadily increase? A few files such as employee records might fit nicely in a single filing cabinet, but a medical or dental office might have hundreds, even thousands of patient files on hand. Wall cabinets are a smart and handy way to store a large amount of files that your staff may need to access quickly.
  • Locking filing cabinets. Privacy concerns of clients, patients, or staff necessitate the use of secure office storage solutions. This might mean limited access to private storage areas, or locked storage files or cabinets that only authorized personnel have access to.
  • Desk storage. Your staff may need to file important documents right at their desk so they can have them on hand at any time. Small, roomy filing cabinets that match desks or fit into workstations can provide ample office storage solutions without getting in the way.
  • Floor cabinets. When your storage needs are minimal, a short filing cabinet can double as a printer stand, recycling station, or a central location for a suggestion box.
  • Modular storage. Modular filing cabinets can form the foundation of a desk, conference table, or shelving when used in conjunction with other modular office storage solutions.

The possibilities for office storage solutions are as boundless as your imagination. Speak to an office design professional, or set up an appointment to check out storage components at a CBI Group showroom.